IMG-20121006-00029Matthew Poore Leadership Group, Inc. (MPLG), is a North Carolina based business and leadership development company offering leadership skills development programs across a broad spectrum of topics and industries including lean systems development, employee/executive coaching, customer service, communication, generational leadership, employee motivation, teambuilding, tactical training programs, food safety training for manufacturers and general business consulting.  MPLG is in the 10th year of operations serving individuals, small companies, government agencies, and corporate clients.


Our belief is that leadership is the cornerstone of organizations and extends to all areas of any operation.

Assisting and supporting others in the leadership realm is our number one priority.

MPLG develops and delivers customized leadership training to increase employee efficiency, effectiveness, and engagement.  Some of our most requested courses center around effective communication, presentation skills, leadership principles, servant leadership, managing employee performance, team dynamics and team building, and customer service (internal and external). MPLG develops courses after conducting a thorough analysis and interview with the leadership of the organization to ensure group-specific material and needs are addressed.  Courses can be a one time delivery or in a leadership development series, depending upon the needs of the group.

Each of our instructors has the experience and the knowledge to provide students with highly relevant and rigorous courses.  Our hybrid delivery model of platform training, group discussion, and practical application has led to positive outcomes both for the participant who provides positive feedback and for the employer who sees a measurable increase in productivity and effectiveness.

All business matters and disputes will abide by North Carolina Rules of Law!

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