Matthew Poore

Learn about MPLG’s President, Matthew Poore

Matthew Poore

Matthew served in the military, (Army), in various leadership roles with increasing responsibility for 24 years. He retired after a distinguished career and joined the corporate world in 1999. After performing many leadership roles with Coca Cola, Matthew decided to strike out on his own and assist others in the art of leadership and development.  He has worked with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, assisting in their pursuit of excellence. Over the last four years, Matthew has developed his business using the same strategies he delivers to clients.

Matthew holds a Master’s of Management in Organizational Development, a Bachelor’s of Science in Sociology, and a certification as an instructor.  Other certifications include Achieve Global Certified Instructor, Six Sigma black belt, and Certified Safe Quality Food (SQF) Consultant, Trainer, and Practitioner.  Matthew has 25 years full-time equivalent experience serving as a platform instructor, delivering education and training.  He is a prolific developer of custom training programs.  He has successfully led the efforts of Lean Systems Development for a major corporation, focusing on developing and executing an internal lean initiative.

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