MPLG Instructor Qualifications


Providing first-rate instructors is paramount for MPLG, because our reputation depends on the quality of every class we present.

Following is a list of minimum qualifications for instructors who administer MPLG leader development training classes:

  • Ten years related industrial experience
  • At least five years experience in a leadership role validating experience and knowledge
  • A minimum of five full-time-equivalent (FTE) years experience in platform instruction
  • A demonstrated platform manner
  • A technical career background appropriate for the customer receiving the training. For example, if the training is being given primarily to sales and marketing employees, the instructor will acquire relevant knowledge of the sales and marketing environment in advance of training presentations.
  • Academic degrees of BS/BA or higher preferred. Some MPLG instructors retain MS/MA degrees.

We are always interested to hear from qualified trainers.  If you meet the above criteria, send your resume and cover letter to us by clicking here.

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