Electronic Food Safety/Quality Plan

Upgrade to the 21st Century

I travel the country assisting food manufacturers in developing programs to keep food safe.  I am always somewhat amused at the number of companies who continue to use paper systems to document, monitor, and record Food Safety and Food Quality Risks, monitoring and record keeping.  We need to move into the 21st century and automate this system.

We have developed a software that is capable of being integrated into your systems.  We are able to not only develop your food safety program but we can record monitoring electronically and automatically if desired.  We eliminate the need for paper and have immediate storage and backup of data as it is recorded.  We can also have a backup installed locally in case systems go down and information is needed for reference, audit, or evidence for USDA or FDA.  If so desired we are able to link your hand held to a cloud based or locally based system.

Simple click the “Software” link below to view the basic software.  Please call today to schedule a virtual demonstration of this system which will include the monitoring and recording system.

Food Safety/Quality  Software

(888) 330-6445 or support@matthewpoore.com We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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