Safe Quality Food and The future

I recently attended and was invited to speak at the SQF conference in Orlando FL.  It was a great event and had a good turn out.  The theme of the conference turned out to be Continuous Improvement.  As we know,  continuous improvement is a key program to our Management System.  How effective is your program?  How do you know?  From a basic standpoint, if we have reduced customer complaints, reduced hold product, and have lower deviations in our HACCP program, then we have an effective continuous improvement program.  However, on a much larger scale, we have to consider other programs.  Safety, Maintenance, Logistics, and Production to name a few.  If we dive deeper in these programs we will be able to identify those improvement opportunities more readily.  Lets look at one opportunity from each area.  Safety; If we reduce safety incident by one our savings is about $50,000.  We have not only improved our safety rate we have improved budget by $50,000.  Maintenance; if we improve our Preventive Maintenance Program to 100 % PM completion on a monthly basis, we improve our downtime, productivity, and efficiency numbers as well.  Budget is also improved by about 12%.  Logistics; improve load errors, and improve customer complaints.  Production; improve efficiency and improve labor costs.  In all of these examples budget will be positively impacted.   The fact is, improvement starts with a dynamic Continuous Improvement Program.  Evaluate your program today!

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New! New! New!

We are very excited about our new offerings.  We have two specifically that are scheduled for September in Concord, NC and one in Fayetteville NC.  First are HACCP and SQF Implementation.  These are requirements if an organization will be certified through the SQFI Standard.  MPLG will host these classes however they are sponsored through Ecolab.

The third offering is named Capture Management.  This offering is for Business Development professionals across the organization.  The class is designed to strengthen your ability in the capture process and have a clear decision making process while vetting potential contracts.

Please visit our registration site for more information on all of our classes.  The link is provided below.

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New! Food Safety Manager and Food Safety Handler Certification Courses


We are excited to offer food safety certification for the retail sector.  Our first Food Safety Manager and Food Safety Handler courses are now available for registration.  (use this link to go to calendar and registration page)

Other courses are under development and will launch soon.  Watch for these and other new innovation coming soon!


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Calling All Vets!

MPLG, in partnership with Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, SCORE, the SBC, Cabarrus County JobLink, Trinity Strategic Consulting, and R3 Career Services, is proud to announce an event designed to help our veterans polish their resumes, gain valuable information and tools for going back to school, get advice on starting a business, and network with community and local business leaders. There will be experts available to provide insight on translating service records and skills to civilian-ready resumes. The one-day event will be held on February 1, 2013 at RCCC Campus at NCRC.

This is a FREE event, but space is limited to maximize access to personalized advice and tips from our experts. Please register NO LATER THAN January 15  January 23 (registration extended!). After you register, you will receive a confirmation email with further details of the day and what to expect.

Please sign up to take advantage of this great event and pass it along to fellow veterans who might benefit from it. If you have any questions, give us a call at 888-330-6445 x700. You can email the registration form below to

Flyer Vet Connect

Registration Form


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New Legislation Aimed at Small Business Contracts

This article details the specifics of an act recently signed into law to attempt to ensure small business federal contracting goals are met in the upcoming fiscal year. Of course, the fiscal cliff cuts will impact federal contracting as a whole, but do you think this type of legislation, designed to further motivate contracting officers to find qualified small and under-privileged businesses will be effective? As a service-disabled veteran-owned small business, we are curious. Talk about it on our Facebook page.

Article below:


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Employee Engagement on the Rise?

According to a recent e-news release from BlessingWhite, employee engagement in the US is up from last year.  The article, found here, provides some reasons why this statistic may be improving.  The article also comments on employee levels of trust in senior leadership and belief in career opportunities with their current employers, both signs of further engagement.

How has your organization spurred employee engagement?  If you have no answer or less than two ways, we would encourage you to take another look at how employee engagement affects your leadership ability and effectiveness, as well as your organization’s performance.  Disengaged employees may actually cost your company more than they contribute.  And, in any economic situation, it is vital to stay above your competitors by maximizing all efforts and ROIs.

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North Carolina Military Business Center: Business Spotlight


This week, Matthew Poore Leadership Group is the NC Military Business Center’s business spotlight! Check it out here at their website.

The Military Business Center does great things throughout the state to help local businesses connect with and support one of the best industries in NC…our military services!

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Training: A win for employees, a win for employers

Entrepreneur magazine featured an article in the November 2011 issue about the benefits of training your employees. We think they were spot on. What do you think? Check it out here.

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Manufactured in NC

With the new year approaching, many businesses are finalizing their plans for the upcoming year.  If that plan doesn’t include updating a website, ask yourself why that is.  Creating and updating a web presence is no longer an expensive, time-consuming endeavor.  There are many free tools on the internet, and if you are a manufacturer in NC, there is one more to add to the list.  Visit NC State University’s Manufactured in North Carolina web page for details on how your business can create a FREE website, get assistance from experts, and receive search engine optimization services.  ALL FREE!!

What a great way to start out the new year!!

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Can you learn from others? Younger others?

Age is still a very sensitive topic in our society. We constantly use our number age to benchmark accomplishments and experiences. Vote at 18, drink at 21, rent a car at 25, review goals and accomplishments at 40, AARP at 50, Medicare at 65…okay so these are generic markers, but you get the picture.


In the workplace, we also have ages which define rites of passages. Of course these are unspoken benchmarks and often very personal perspectives. With all of the controversy and tension surrounding the four working generations (and the fifth in the ranks), what happens when a concept challenges the status quo of workplace age? Can more experienced workers learn from younger counterparts? And, do  younger workers have the capability to mentor coworkers with more experience? The WSJ raises the question in this article, Reverse Mentoring Cracks Workplace.

What do you think?

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