Safe Quality Food and The future

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I recently attended and was invited to speak at the SQF conference in Orlando FL.  It was a great event and had a good turn out.  The theme of the conference turned out to be Continuous Improvement.  As we know,  continuous improvement is a key program to our Management System.  How effective is your program?  How do you know?  From a basic standpoint, if we have reduced customer complaints, reduced hold product, and have lower deviations in our HACCP program, then we have an effective continuous improvement program.  However, on a much larger scale, we have to consider other programs.  Safety, Maintenance, Logistics, and Production to name a few.  If we dive deeper in these programs we will be able to identify those improvement opportunities more readily.  Lets look at one opportunity from each area.  Safety; If we reduce safety incident by one our savings is about $50,000.  We have not only improved our safety rate we have improved budget by $50,000.  Maintenance; if we improve our Preventive Maintenance Program to 100 % PM completion on a monthly basis, we improve our downtime, productivity, and efficiency numbers as well.  Budget is also improved by about 12%.  Logistics; improve load errors, and improve customer complaints.  Production; improve efficiency and improve labor costs.  In all of these examples budget will be positively impacted.   The fact is, improvement starts with a dynamic Continuous Improvement Program.  Evaluate your program today!

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