Our Consulting Services cover many topics and are normally customizes for each client need.  Below are short descriptions of our services.  For more detail information please contact our support center through either email or phone number provided on the contacts page.




Food Safety-We cover all aspects of Food Safety topics.   From GFSI certification Support to FSMA compliance support.  Our team will support you on-site and virtually to ensure success in your pursuit of food safety excellence.

Lean Six Sigma-We offer a full service menu for Lean Six Sigma.  From general overview to assistance in the transformation we cover it all.  Programs such as 6S, Problem Solving, Standardization, and Project Management do not happen by accident.  There must be buy in at all levels and cultural shift across the organization.  We are able to guide this process and identify not only gaps in systems but prioritize project for the best bang for the buck.

Leadership Skills and Organizational Development- No matter the topic, leadership is the core essential that needs polishing.  Leadership is a lifelong learning commitment.  From Training to Mentoring programs we offer organizations the key tools needed to ensure success in all processes.  Through the simple process of understanding human nature we begin to unravel the best way to interact with the workforce so they perform the needed tasks of (34)


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