Leadership Skills and Organizational Development Courses Offered

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MPLG provides training for Leaders/Managers/Supervisors/Lead Employee and other professionals in the following sample disciplines, though several other options are available for customization or creation:

Role of the Leader— A fundamental offering developed/delivered for emerging leaders.  Course covers requirements for leaders/managers transitioning into critical position holder role.  Personality profiling and needs assessments are conducted during this course. Communicating Expectations— This course is specifically designed for emerging leaders.  Emphasis will be placed on strategies for leaders to communicate a message that followers understand fully.  The learner will gain insight on valuable communication strategies that promote excellent performance in organizations.
Customer Service—a dynamic and industry-specific course to overview and dissect elements of customer service in a variety of settings including hostile environments.  Participant engagement encouraged through group discussion facilitated by a customer service trainer. Problem Solving—Identifies the eight step problem solving method (8D) and examines how to implement and apply the system to a specific business.
Leadership Traits— Presented in learning and application workshop focusing on the 14 primary traits leaders can employ for personal development. Coaching Skills—Offered to educate leaders in the art of effective coaching techniques.
Principles of Supervision— Conducted for Supervisors and discloses a variety of topics, tips and plans on what is effective in supervision and what needs to be avoided.  Participants in this discussion and work session share ideas or theories about real life experiences. Effective Communications— Course discloses effective communications focusing on company policy, procedures and operational process.
Managing Employee Performance— Conducted for leaders and managers desiring enhanced skills in acquiring desired results while building and maintaining relationships.  This skills enhancement workshop enables emerging participants to recognize subtle trends (negative or positive) and enact appropriate intervention in advance of irreversible acts. Leadership Principles— Presented as participant research project that requires offline research.  Participants present results of research to peer classmates thereby demonstrating research skills and presentation skills.  This course focuses on learning and application of 11 primary leadership principles.
Presentation Skills— Offered to help participants develop abilities for presenting information clearly with increased effectiveness.  Course participants exit training sessions with elevated confidence having presented under the scrutiny of peers who provide relevant feedback and advice during the session.  Video review of self enhances participants understanding of dos and don’ts of effective presentations and communications. Engagement through Leadership Development--Focusing on the essential and dynamic skills required for 21st century leadership and connects those tools to employee or student engagement.  This course offers administrators and employers an overview of how this type of leadership shapes those around us.  The second part of course instruction offers strategy for implementing leadership in the organization and how this impacts engagement.
Workforce Diversity/Inclusion— An informational seminar with video inserts depicting work life situations in a diverse setting.  Participants conduct uninhibited discussions to help gain a working understanding of varying behaviors, actions and disciplines in the modern work place. Also offered as a standalone course is Generational Management. Team Building—Various offerings with team-building activities built in and facilitated by experienced team building trainers.
Remember the Titans (Leadership Case Study) Resource Management
Preventing Workplace Violence Monday Morning Leadership (Mentoring)
Servant Leadership— This course provides leaders with an evolving perspective of leadership.  Participants will begin their journey in Servant Leadership during this session and continue the journey through each of the next seven sessions.  The Characteristics of Servant Leadership are Calling, Listening, Empathy, Healing, Awareness, Persuasion, Conceptualization, Foresight, Stewardship, Growth, and Building Community. These will be covered in detail during each session. Lean Learning: Improving Performance with Less— The basic core of lean design is to maximize value while minimizing waste.  Simply stated – doing more with less.  Lean design is not a new, short-term program—once learned, it is an ingrained way of thinking.  This 90-minute session covers the basics of lean design, how it can be incorporated into the classroom, and how educators can teach the principles to students of all ages.
Industry Specific
EcoLab-Sponsored Food Safety Consulting and Training (Click here for current schedule) Tactical Training Skills
Safety Systems Consulting and Training Environmental Systems Consulting and Training
Skill Development
SAP Training Document Management
Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Excel

Additional curriculum courses are available as requested and may be developed to address specific needs.



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All of our courses provide the following student resources


  • Custom Binder for all materials
  • A course outline per course
  • A handout of slides presented
  • Personality Profile
  • Traits Desk Reference
  • User pages for practical exercises
  • PowerPoint slides or animated graphs
  • A testing instrument to assess the learning of each student
  • Development Series Commencement Framed Wall Certificate
  • Course Personal Development Units (PDUs)

MPLG offers training courses on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. For more information, contact our information center by calling our toll free number, (888) 330-6445, or emailing us at support@matthewpoore.com.

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